Great Old Time Love Songs 

from the 1920's to 1970's 

Banjo, fiddle, guitar and voices are the tools we use to convey the finer aspects of love in the days gone by. 

Courtin' Songs, Family livin' &  Fun  Songs make up our Vintage Repertoire.

Dutch River String Band are folk leaders Glenn & Julie Warners from Grand Rapids.

They have been involved with the music and dance for more than twenty five years.

They love those southern love songs, the humorous, silly, and fun songs.

Life is too short to dwell on the negative.  Life is so faceted it sparkles.

Banjo, guitar and fiddle are the tools they use to entertain and lift your heart.

The gentle spirit of those old great songs elicit the elements of life that are forgotten today.


at Lowell Bluegrass Festival      at Mocha N Music      at a Party on Lake Superior


We are members of  Senior Sing Along

We have been singing for seniors in many of the homes in the west Michigan area.

It has been a joy to entertain and evoke memories though the music we do. 

                       Please consider making a donation to this worthy organization.

We also do family style dances.

Julie calls out the dances that any one can walk into.

It is so much fun,  and  aerobic!

Circle, Square, Contra dances

 and more with our group:

  "Gooder n Grits"  

  with Bob & Shelley Hudson fiddle & banjo

and Bryan Whittimore on Bass

  " For some fine Southern Appalachian tunes" 

Here are some of the places we have played      for Glenn' s  art  work

 More Photos